WordPress Blog Plugins Best To Choose From

Are you wondering, which plugins are considered good for a blog? Depending on your needs and the end user’s need, you will have to choose wise. But no worries! We’ve got your back covered with our list of wordpress blog plugins best to choose from.

There is nothing harder than choosing the right plugins for the right time. It always depends on how many of them are you going to use for your WordPress blog and how can it affect your site speed.

Optimizing your WordPress website speed is most important, as it affects your SERP and SEO. The optimizations can be done easily, without much of hard work.

For checking your site speed and knowing what is causing slow resource loading, you may want to use Pingdom, GT Metrix or Google Page Insights.

Editor’s choice WordPress plugins best to choose from

As you may have seen, the CrowVision team, uses only 8 plugins, which are covering everything we need and achieve a site speed of 468ms , with a cheap hosting plan from NS1.

Jetpack — Essential Security & Performance for WordPress

The ultimate WordPress plugin for security, backups, malware scan, anti-spam, CDN, site search, CRM, Stripe, Facebook, & Instagram


We are really big fans of Jetpack as it is a multipurpose plugin, powering our blog and giving us everything we need, with a small impact on site speed. For those who do not know the secret power for Jetpack, allow me to explain.

Optimizing website speed and pictures with lazy load

Many people have been arguing if WordPress loads the task in a synchronical or asynchronical way. Well, if you check your site speed and how your resources load, you will get the idea that is synchronical. This leads to slower loading, but Jetpack has this covered with the Enable Site Accelerator.

This function is enabled in our website, even though we have a caching plugin and image optimizer plugin. It does not destroy any kind of code, mess up the loading time, crash pages or give any kind of error, which needs a fix.

Site Speed Accelerator comes up with 2 options, which are Speed up Image Load Times & Speed up Static file Load Times.

Allowing them will be a good idea, but after allowing, you can wait up to 30 seconds and check your website speed from Pingdom, GT Metrix or any other website, which was mentioned above.

Along with Jetpack’s optimization options, you get Daily Backup, Following blog comments, Enabling site spam protection, Auto update plugins and many other features, which can be found here.

Contact Form 7

Just another contact form plugin for WordPress. Simple but flexible.


The name of the plugin, simply tells what it is doing. This plugin is a contact form plugin, which lets users ask questions, give suggestions, or any kind of other way to contact you.

The plugin can be a bit tricky to install, but you can follow our guide on how to setup Contact Form 7.

Along with the setup, you also get many possibilities to expand the functionality of this plugin, with the best extentions for Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 is also compatible with WPML and can be integrated, by following this simple article, on how to setup ContactForm7 with WPML.

If Contact Form 7 isn’t the plugin of your liking, there is no need for panic. There are tons of plugins suited for a blog.

We have created a list of the best 15 contact form plugins.

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